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Tracking My Days: Week 1

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Tracking one’s movements using a GPS and mapping that for all the world to see is nothing new so this post really adds nothing to what has already been done. Those of you who have been following the blog will know that I have recent had a change in jobs, resulting in less time and energy for me to maintain this blog, among other things. The daily commute is about 110 kilometres each way. The map below (grid scale 5 kilometres) shows my movements for the past week (October 1 to 7) and already my commuting trail is already well worn. Also shown on the map are my movements around my hometown (in the upper right) and some movements around my workplace (in the lower left), including one day of real estate shopping. The bolder the colour, the more frequently the route travelled. Seven days, 1,443 kilometres. Doing my part (sadly) for global warming.
I plan on tracking my future movements, at least for the month. It should get a little more interesting than a daily commute. Travels to Chicago and Los Angeles are planned for later in the month. But we are all creatures of habit: the challenge would be take a different route to the office and back each day. In now time I would have many of the area’s road mapped (sort of a single handed effort to bring OpenStreetMaps to Canada.

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