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Paleogeographic Maps in GE

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Ron Blakely’s amazing paleogeographic maps, mentioned in a previous post, have migrated, not surprisingly, to Google Earth. With GE latest version supporting animation, it only makes sense to use it as a vehicle to display changes in the earth’s surface. GE community member Valery Hronusov has ported the images into a downloadable GE file. This does much to make the ladforms in paleogeography more understandable.

By way of Google Earth Blog.

3 Responses to “Paleogeographic Maps in GE”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    There is a higher-resolution version of this map collection available for World Wind:


  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Blakey's maps have been in World Wind since May.
    One of the WW forum members (withak) created an add-on which uses hi-res version of the images (GE version uses low resolution).
    See WW forum for more info...

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    There are higher resolution versions of those images available in the World Wind add-on:


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