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The Last Post

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Because new time commitments and potential conflict of interest issues prevent me from maintaining this blog to the full extent that I would like, I regretfully must cease writing posts. Loyal subscribers and regular visitors will have noted a decline in the quality and the quantity of posts since I began my new job about 1 month ago. Any member of the Canadian Cartographic Association that is interested and willing to pick up the pieces and continue this blog is more than welcome to. Contact me directly at pheersink at gmail.com.

Even in Internet terms this blog has not been around that long: 18 months from start to finish. It was enjoyable writing and maintaining the blog and I am truly sorry to let it go. However, I take consolation in the fact that there are many worthwhile blogs out there; check out some of the links on the right side of the page.

Again, thanks for you feedback and comments. Some day, I'm sure, you’ll hear from me again.

Paul Heersink

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