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New Releases and Upgrades All Around

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This week seems to be the week for users of free geographic viewing software. Earlier this week Live Local released an upgrade that allows users to create and save their own data online (not at all as GIS friendly items but only as “dumb” graphics) and georeference existing raster maps (using MSR MapCruncher).

Yesterday Google released a version 4 (beta) of its popular Google Earth software. The listing of new features can be found on its website and includes alot of eye candy for the masses (e.g. 3D buildings) but also some features that would interest more geospatially savvy users (e.g. WMS capabilities and time sensitive image overlays).

And yet to be released is ESRI’s entry in the field, ArcGIS Explorer. James Fee expects this to come out this week but, as he reminds us on his blog, he doesn’t work for ESRI so that “any day” could mean this week or next week or the week after. Even more so than Google Earth, Live Local or World Wind, this looks like it will be very GIS friendly.

All in all, there are enough free tools out there to keep any geospatial nerd happy . . . for a while.

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