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Map Designers' Conference

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(By way of the Society of Cartographers email list)

Announcing a new British Cartographic Society event

November 17th, 2006 Glasgow.

The world of Cartography is changing beyond all recognition. It is no longer dominated by a few specialists in major companies or national organisations. The explosion of non-cartographic map makers has brought a vibrancy and freshness to the subject, the like of which has never been seen before.

This presents two opportunities. Firstly an opportunity for the cartographic profession to learn from, and hopefully to incorporate, the graphic and artistic skills so abundant in other disciplines; and to benefit from the contribution Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has made to the industry. Secondly, there is an opportunity for the cartographic profession to explain some of the principles cartographers use when making maps. Cartographers have not been making maps for over 5000 years without learning a thing or two in the process. And yet for all the skills these diverse groups have brought to bear on map making, from GIS to map-Art, there remains one crucial problem. Most people can't read the maps they produce.

For the first time in the UK, and probably worldwide, this seminar will bring together cartographic designers, and designers from the world of media and GIS, to discuss how to make maps effective, exciting, irresistible and . . . readable.

Anyone who commissions maps, or who is involved in the making of maps, whether from GIS data of the imagination of the artist will be welcome at 'The Map Designers’ seminar. The seminar is designed for architects, surveyors, tourism, foresters, utilities, earth scientists, cartographers, graphic artists, and government; in fact every branch of society that uses or creates maps.

We would especially like to welcome students from Scotland, the North East and further afield, with our incredible deal - £15 for a once in a lifetime seminar! This amazing concessionary price is also open to all on proof of eligibility, i.e. unemployed, retired, BCS Associate Members etc...

So here it is:-

The Lighthouse
Scotland's Centre for Architecture and Design Glasgow
17th NOVEMBER 2006


Chaired by Michael Wood OBE. Aberdeen University.
President of the Society of Cartographers.
Past President of the International Cartographic Association, and the British Cartographic Society.


Alan Collinson FBCart.S Geo-Innovations.
Co-Convener of the British Cartographic Society Design Group:
The Principles of Cartographic Design, Cartographic Impressionism and Map Art.

Mary Spence MBE FBCart.S, Global Mapping.
President of the British Cartographic Society:
The Qualities of Better Mapping.

Dave Barbour FBCart.S, Stirling Surveys. International Award Winner:
Maps People Can Read Easily. Design for Recreation and Orienteering.

Wendy Price, Wendy Price Cartographic Services:
Map Making as an Art.

Susie Jones FBCart.S, Senior Lecturer at the School of Military Survey.
Co-Convener of the British Cartographic Society Design Group:
GIS and Map Design.

Paul Stickley Head of Media Design, Glasgow School of Art:
To be confirmed.

OPEN FORUM: Map Designers Talking.

Cost: £50 (BCS and SOC members £45, Students and concessions £15).

Details and booking from Lynda Bailey
Cartographer and Map Librarian
FCO Library
Foreign and Commonwealth Office

King Charles Street
London SW1A 2AH

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