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Broer Map Library

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The Broer Map Library is a cooperative endeavour that seeks to provide libraries and other organizations with online access to a large map collection. Founded in 2002 and housed in Ellington, Connecticut, the map collection has grown through donations of unused maps to its current size of 40,000. The collection has a wide variety of street maps, roads maps, historical and military maps from the past 300 years. The goal of the collection is to expand to include over 100,000 maps in the next five years.

Some of these maps are available online in a Zoomify format. These are organized geographically. The online collection is rather spotty and haphazard and map scans are sometimes missing parts or edges (for more complete scans, an email request can be made). Nevertheless, the online collection is expectyed to grow and is worth keeping an eye on. The site states that free registration is required to access the maps but I found this not to be the case.

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