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Warsaw 1945 / 2005

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My Polish is non-existent but from what I can see it looks like the City of Warsaw has a collection of orthoimages taken in 1945 that they’ve put up on their web mapping site. The site requires the AutoDesk MapGuide plugin and shows the 1945 images and images from 2005. 1945, of course, marked the end of the Second World War and the effects of that war are clearly evident in the images. The changes over the 60 years are tremendous, as can be seen in these two sample images of the same area to the left.

By way of TerraObserver

(By the way, if anyone can translate the text on the site and provide me with some details on the images, let me know.)

4 Responses to “Warsaw 1945 / 2005”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    translation from terraobserver:
    "map was created on basis of photos taken from an aeroplane in June 1945 by russian army. map covers city with its extents in 1939 that is about 200sq km"
    from http://www.um.warszawa.pl/bgik/index.php?id=162:
    map scale is about 1:8000, photos were taken with 4 different cameras, 688 photos were made in a series of flights. natural objects on the photo were used as coordinate reffered to Map of Ruined Warsaw 1:2500.
    preciseness of the map is lowered since there is no info about calibration parameters of 4cameras, photos are deformed, it was imposible to find refference points in some areas, irregular block outlines"

    greetz from bialystok,PL

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    damn, i dont know why but i had to retype this;p
    translation: "map was created on a basis of photos taken from an aeroplane. the scale is about 1:8000. there were 668photos taken with 4different cameras in a series of flights by russian army. it covers extents of warsaw /administrative borders/ on status from year 1939. avaliable map is 1:2000 1pixel=0,15m. natural objects on the photo were used as refference points and coordinates were taken from Map of Ruined Warsaw. Due to lack of those refference points in some areas, no info avaliable on cameras calibration, photos deformation and irregular block outlines maps preciseness was lowered"

    greetz from bialystok,PL

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Quite good (but slow) online pl <-> en translator: http://translatica.pwn.pl/index_i.php?a=001 :)

    Interesting thing is that 1945 map (668 aerial photos taken with 4 different cameras in June 1945 by the Red Army) has resolution of 0.15m/px and 2005 map - only 0.5m/px (with one small area in 0.2m/px).
    I heard that whole Warsaw should be in .2m soon and as far as I know you can already see better images here - http://www.podgik.pl/iGeoMap/Data/Warszawa_Data_Start.html
    (requires Java and the interface is in Polish - to load orthoimages just activate Ortofotomapa layer then doubleclick one of red squares)

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

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