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On Holidays . . .

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I will be away on holidays until August 14th, 2006. I would be GPSing my travels but, unfortunately, my Magellan Meridian Platinum decided to take a break from working as well. Where does one get a GPS repaired? Or are they just another disposable consumer item?

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    I really enjoy reading this site. As a child I used to pour over the maps of Middle Earth in Tolkien's books, which led me to a lifelong love of maps and atlases. On your site I've seen some of the most interesting maps of types I've never thought of, like the map/flow chart of the middle east conflicts you presented a couple of days ago.

    I hope you have a good holiday and safe return. As a small token of my appreciation for your site, allow me to present one of my favorite maps, "The Earth at Night."

    As another token of my appreciation, I've taken the liberty of putting a link to your blog on my humble blogsite, The Panday's Gazette, which I hope you visit sometime.

    Stephen Renico

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