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Nunaliit: CyberCartographic Atlas Framework

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Nunaliit is a framework designed to make it easy to bring stories and data together, using maps as a connecting focus. From the Nunalit website: “The Nunaliit framework aims to make it easy for anyone to build a cybercartographic atlas - telling stories and exploring the relationships between space, time, knowledge, and our senses. Initial development has focused on an XML schema for organizing and connecting content into a meaningful state, and a compiler to render that information out to an interactive web interface. This system is quite usable now, if you're comfortable with XML. Future developments will see great improvements for creators as the tools to contribute, link, and tell stories around content and maps are built and integrated. Our goal is to have cybercartographic story-telling be as simple as working with collaborative web technologies like Wiki are today.” No working, online examples as yet.

The project is a product of Carleton University’s Cybercartography and the New Economy project.

Thanks Tracey

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