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Proportional Military Deaths Map

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The Institute for Analytic Journalism has a link to another map showing the locations of the hometown of those Americans who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. This has been done before (see the posting on Iraq War Fatalities Map and a Google Maps mashup showing service personnel's hometowns - which doesn’t seem to be working right now). The Palm Beach Post has created an interactive map showing the same thing (available at two locations - here and here). Clicking on a location will bring up information on the service personnel who died. In an unusual reversal, the static map they provide (even though it appears a bit grainy) is more interesting to look at. The height of the bars reflect the number from each town or city that died but the colour reflects the rate per 100,000 inhabitants. It appears that the cities and town on the American MidWest have proportionally suffered greater losses than other parts of the United States.

Read the short accompanying story in the Palm Beach Post.

3 Responses to “Proportional Military Deaths Map”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    an artist did a map of the united states showing the hometowns of soldiers killed in iraq, at yerba buena center for the arts in san francisco sometime in the past two years. i can't remember the name of the artist or of the exhibition, so i can't find it on yerba buena's website.

    the artist got the official photographs for each dead soldier and did a drawing of it on a card, along with some vital stats. the cards were color coded for the soldier's race. the map covered an entire wall of the main gallery--i.e. it was about three stories high and twice as wide. wish i could find it. it was very impressive.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    So where are the most U.S. Soldier deaths in america?

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    A blue state that sacrafices the most heros--California. Hey Mr. Bush, why not come out here and honor them ?

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