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New Maps Out of Old

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Layla Curtis, an artist, has created some new maps by putting together a collage of old ones. The result are maps that, at first glance, are familiar but on closer inspection are odd and unusual. She has a collection of such collages on her website, most of which are not at a high enough resolution to read, unfortunately. The page runs in Flash so click on Work > Collages to get to the maps.

Layla Curtis has undertaken another project, “Message in a Bottle” in which she inserted messages and GPS units in bottles with the hopes of them reaching the nearest inhabited place on the opposite side of the world to Ramsgate, England. So far, the furthest venturing bottle has gotten to the Netherlands. You can follow their progress on the project’s website. This project was also mentioned in Else/Where: Mapping (see my review on the book or visit the book’s website).

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8 Responses to “New Maps Out of Old”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I love old maps! Nautical charts the most!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Very good and useful content
    liked it very much.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    cool map i can see the capital of poland :D where my grandfather came from

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I'm so glad I ran across your site! I have quite an interest in maps, for some strange reason, so I'll for sure be back to visit again...

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    As a former human geography undergrad these links are extremely interesting. I wish I was studying in university now...with the resources available on the web! Thanks for sharing.


  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    The cartographic map is surprising. Do you like the cartography, uh? It seems this way, because the maps that you have really surprise to anyone. Hopefully you'll find more and you'll show them in your place.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Nice maps.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I've visited Layla Curtis' website to took a look over the collages. If you open a map the is 3 selections to see a detail of the map in high resolution witch is very readable. But only a detail, not the entire map. Too bad.. By the way, on the map depicted by the image you have posted, there is the most distorted form of my country(Greece) I ever saw! :)

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