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Mr. Geography, the Cab Driver

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(Apologies, again, for the lack of postings. A home power outage since Monday night will do that . . . .)

If you are in Toronto and are looking for a free cab ride, there’s a couple of things you can do:
  1. Be sure to get Mohammad Saaed Collins as your cab driver.
  2. Be sure to anwer his first geography question correctly.
Apparently Collins is known locally as Mr. Geography and will give a free ride to anyone who can answer his first question. Admittedly, he pulls ou the toughest questions first because, as he puts it, “because I have to survive and get paid for the ride.”

Read the story in the Toronto Star. I would assume that he knows his way around town as well.

3 Responses to “Mr. Geography, the Cab Driver”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Very interested in your website but also in your reference to 'Mr Geography'. Do you have a contact e-mail address for him?

    Would be great if you could give our 'Give Geography its Place' Campaign a mention in your blog.


  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    He is exactly the one I had before I checked this blog out. Through out the whole ride, I wanted to ask why the hell he was driving a cab whilst he had the ability and knowledge to teach! We couldn't answer his first question so he asked another one: name the 22 provinces of China. Shamely, we couldn't even name one whilst he could named all 22.

    To be sincere, at first I thought he was just buffling when he asked the second question. Wouldn't thought he would know them himself! He's totally my new hero! I was glad I got him as my cab driver!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

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