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Cancer and Tobacco Atlases

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The American Cancer Society has published two atlases, The Cancer Atlas and The Tobacco Atlas. Both are available for sale and online in pdf format. The pdfs are, however, mostly broken out by page so that if you wanted to view the entire atlas you would have to download numerous pdfs.

The Cancer Atlas is broken into a number of sections, including risk factors, cancer economics and taking action. Within each section are a number of topics with each topic being given a two page spread that includes a map or two and a number of graphics and text.

The Tobacco Atlas is set up in a very similar manner, broken into sections covering such topics as prevalence, cost and the tobacco trade. Each individual topic in each section is also given its own two page spread. This is the 2nd edition of this atlas and it is also available as an online atlas in Shockwave format. The interactivity is limited to zooming in and out and navigating from map to map is a little tricky.

The atlases were produced by Myriad Editions which has also produced a few other globally themed atlases. Some upcoming titles include the The Atlas of Climate Change, The Atlas of Religion and The Atlas of the American Empire. Some online atlases that are available for viewing include Mapping Biodiversity for the World Wildlife Fund (UK) and Saying Yes to Children for NetAid.

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