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A Trinity of Online Mapping Sites

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Idelix has set an up an internet map site that draws on three different online mapping sites: Live Local, Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps. With a click on a radio button, users can switch from one to the other while retaining location. The usual street maps, satellite imagery and hybrid maps that each provides is still there. The site also features a lens that the user can move about the map that enlarges what lies underneath. The zoom level for the lens can be set or the lens can be turned off altogether. The site also allows the user to find directions, although the Yahoo! Maps version is not currently working. The maps are a bit slow to come up but this is a great way to compare the three internet mapping sites.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I can't be certain, since this site doesn't seem happy with Firefox under OS X, but isn't this a lot like http://www.flashearth.com/?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    We're making a library to enable any mapping API user to create similar things, over at http://www.mapstraction.com

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I see you got the email.

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