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NRCan to Release Topo Data?

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Rumour has it that Natural Resources Canada was all set to make a big announcement at the show this week regarding its topographic data. According to inside sources, brochures had be printed up and were ready to be distributed, hearlding the announcement that the data used to make the 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 topographic maps for the entire country was going to be made freely available to the public in shapefile format. This would have made much sense in light of a recent decision by NRCan to get out of the business of printing topographic maps sheets. Unforntunately, the new Conservative minister of Natural Resources put a hold on this initiative and wishes to re-assess the situation.

In response to the comment below, that would be to give away the data.

4 Responses to “NRCan to Release Topo Data?”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    You mean re-assessing whether to print again or not, or giving away the data?

    Canada 3D is available already at 1:250000.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    the topic is about giving away 1:50k data not 250k... everyone is well aware that the 250k data is there. No doubt in my mind that larger scale data will come soon from NRcan

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    How is this different from the 1:50,000 CDED data available at www.geobase.ca?

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I believe that CDED data is being produced with provincial partners and may not necessarily be the same as that which is being derived from the National Topographic Database. The idea is that the provincial partners will be closer to the source will know the landscape better; therefore their data will be more accurate.

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