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Indonesian Earthquake Maps Update

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Last weekend’s earthquake has almost dropped out of the headline news of most western news organizations even though relief workers are still scrambling to assist those most affected. According to the Globe and Mail, more than 600,000 are homeless and more than 6,000 have died as a result of the May 27th quake.

Getting access to some of the more remote areas is a challenge and up to date maps, of course are essential for being able to do so. Declan at Connotea has posted a number of links to satellite images and maps. The International Charter “Space and Major Disasters” has posted a number of satellite image maps at scales of 1:3,000 and 1:7,500. Higher resolution versions are also available.The Center for Satellite Based Crisis Information has the same maps but also has world files for each available for download. Most, if not all, of the images are Ikonos or Quickbird. Global Connection has posted a kmz file that enables viewing of many of the same maps in Google Earth.

The U. N.’s ReliefWeb has a number of maps, the latest showing the number of people affected by area. UNOSAT has also updated its offerings but includes many of the satellite images mentioned earlier.

A wiki-like page has been set up in the hopes of coordinating many of these maps and images.

It is something that we perhaps already take for granted but the Internet and the ready access to satellite imagery have made such things possible in such short times. Detailed mapping is often not available for remote areas (and not just in Third World countries); commercial satellite imagery can provide some of that detail on demand at relatively low cost.

By way of Connotea.

See also previous posting on Indonesian Earthquake Maps.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    These wiki data collaborations are excellent emergent knowledge repositories. It is like sharing one's research notebook with the public. Thanks for this entry!

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