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Hi-Res Imagery Added to Yahoo! Maps

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Yahoo! Maps has added high resolution imagery for selected cities to its usual offering of Landsat imagery. The list of cities is very limited at this point but are scattered around the globe. Compared to Google Maps imagery offering (from DigitalGlobe), Yahoo! Maps imagery (from GeoEye) is not are sharp though it appears brighter. Yahoo! Maps also provides a better, seamless image at smaller scales than Google Maps but the maps and imagery take longer to appear. Compare the two images (Google Maps - top, Yahoo! Maps - bottom) of the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa:

2 Responses to “Hi-Res Imagery Added to Yahoo! Maps”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    My grandfather's farm in middle of nowhere America also is in the update. Weird.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Glad to see Yahoo! is keeping up the competition. Image quality and constrast where I live in Manchester, UK is much better than Google's current offering. My only gripe is that Yahoo!'s image server is very slow in comparison.

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