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Chicago's Newberry Expands its Collection

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The Newberry Library in Chicago has recently acquired a collection of about 400 old maps from the nearby Chicago History Museum. The collection had been identified in 1982 as not fitting in with the museum’s collection policy. These were set aside then forgotten until 1994 when workers rediscovered them. The Newberry paid $120,000 for the collection which includes a Quaker map of what would become Ohio, drawn in the 1790s and a 1675 map of Newfoundland. The maps are searchable online via the Newberry’s own catalog (no images though, just metadata).

The Newberry is open to the public at no charge and includes the Hermon Dunlop Smith Center for the History of Cartography which provides a number of online exhibits including the mapping of the French Empire in North America.

Read the Chicago Tribune story on the purchase or the Newberry’s own press release.

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