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Two Flash Maps

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Jim Regan writes in The Christian Science Monitor about how maps have changed over the past few years. “Remember that it was only a few years ago that the height of cartographic interactivity came from sticking a pin through a map, and the definition of ‘user friendly’ was a chart that was easy to fold.” To highlight the advances in maps, he points out two interesting and nicely put together interactive map sites.

Curating the City looks at Los Angeles Wiltshire Boulevard and employs a map interface to showcase the architecture and sights along the street. The Flash map is pannable and zoomable and provides thumbnails of the buildings of interest. Clicking on an image will bring up more images and information about the building. The map also allows searches for specific buildings, building types or architect.

Folk Songs for the Five Points is part of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. Again, a Flash map interface is used that allows users to access sound files tied to specific locations. The map allows the user to control which sound the user listens to and the balance and volume of each. Sounds include songs, conversations and every day street noise.

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