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Real Time Mapping

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Technology Review has a story about one of Microsoft’s latest projects called Senseweb that allows users to access maps with reasl-time data. “By tracking real-life conditions, which are supplied directly by people or automated sensor equipment, and correlating that data with a searchable map, people could have a better idea of the activities going on in their local areas . . . and make more informed decisions.” Such mapping would be useful for tracking temperatures, traffic conditions, gas prices and a host of other things - even resturant wait times.
“SenseWeb is composed of three basic parts: sensors (or data-collecting units), Microsoft’s database indexing scheme that sorts through the information, and the online map that lets users interact with the data. The sensors used in the project can vary in form and function, and can include thermometers, light sensors, cameras, and restaurant computers. SenseWeb puts baseline sensor information, such as location and function, into a database that's searchable by location and type of sensor information.”
The plan is to eventually incorporate such real time data into LiveLocal.

Thanks Tracey!

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