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Island Mapping

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EVS-Islands is looking to map the shorelines of the world - “one island, one coastline, one river and one lake at a time.” The best existing vector shoreline data is at a scale of 1:250,000; Mr. Minton decided that this needed to be improved upon and so began digitizing island shorelines (and a few other features) using Landsat ETM+ 2000. He describes in detail the process he follows, using Global Mapper and Marplot. The completed enhanced vector shoreline data layer is patchy - there are many islands in the world, after all - but a listing of what has been finished is available by clicking on a geographical area on the right side of the blog. Data can be requested but don’t expect Mr. Minton to be too chatty.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Thank you for discussing my efforts in the CCA's weblog. Yes, I am the person touting the improved vector shoreline data (Enhanced Vector Shorelines). At my current pace, about 1 or 2 islands a day, I will finish this project when I am 45,000 years old. Or I can get a legion of mappers to help make this project a reality. Any takers?

    I apologize for giving the impression that I have a "grumpy" demeanor. That is reserved for unruly students. If you love maps, islands or things cartographic, I am a nice guy, given to actual interesting conversation. Drop me a line at evsrequest@gmail.com.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

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