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Canada on the Map

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The map that is thought to be the first to name Canada is set to be auctioned by Christie’s next month. The Ottawa Citizen reports that Paolo Forlani’s map of the world of 1562 will be be sold on June 9th; Library and Archives Canada, understandably, is looking to purchase the map. The prixe of the map is expected to be around $200,000.

The map is considered very rare as it was printed by itself instead of as part of an atlas. “Until the printing of Forlani's maps in the 1560s, the name Canada had appeared on only a few manuscript depictions of the country, none of which was reproduced for the public. The Forlani maps would have popularized use of the name Canada in 16th-century Europe. Created just a few decades after French explorer Jacques Cartier's historic voyages up the St. Lawrence River, the 1562 map also includes landmark references to the Arctic Ocean (‘Oceano Settentrionale’), ‘Tiera de Laborador,’ ‘Stadacone’ (the Iroquois settlement at the future Quebec City), and ‘Saguenai.’”

(The image above is either Forlani’s 1560 world map or the 1562 map in question. Feel free to direct me to the correct one.)

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