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Yahoo! Maps adds Satellite Imagery

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Yahoo! Maps has added satellite imagery to its online mapping service, In some ways it is an improvement over what Google Maps has to offer. The images are seamless and smooth, even when zoomed further out. In comparison, Google Maps satellite imagery often appears like a patched up quilt. However, even though according to O'Reilly Radar they’ve added 1 metre resultion imagery for the entire continental U. S., the imagery available for other areas seems to be lower than what Google Maps has to offer. As well, all of the imagery appears darker and seems to darken even more as the map is zoomed out - so much so that is it is often hard to discern what is being looked at (see image at right). Like Google Maps, there is also now a hybrid mapping feature where roads can be overlaid on a satellite image.

In sum: A nice feature but needs much improvement to become truly useable.

Update (13 April): The satellite images seemed to have been lightened and much improved.

2 Responses to “Yahoo! Maps adds Satellite Imagery”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Unfortunately, the maps they're using for their coverage of the UK are fully 20 years old!
    The satellite images are about as good as Google's for rural areas, but Google still 'wins' in city centres.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

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