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Mapping Ship Locations

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Sailwf.info has a live tracking map of ship locations throughout the world. Using Mapserver and the data collected through the World Meterological Organization’s Voluntary Observing Ship, it plots the locations of numerous ocean-going vessels. Clicking on the world map allows the user to zoom in to a specific part of the globe and provides a listing of the ships in that neighbourhood. A link foloowing each ship identifier brings up a map showing the course that ship has followed over the past 10 days; this can be altered to longer or shorter periods. Also available are temperatures, wind spoeed and direction, air pressure and tidal information. Searches can also be completed using a ship's call sign or by entering geographic coordinates.

The maps are unspectacular but effective. Neither is the navigation about the site always clear or intuitive. It is doubtful whether all ships worldwide are tracked; nevertheless, an interesting site with ever-changing information.

By way of Great Map.

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