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Green Maps

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grist magazine has a short story about and interview with Wendy Brawer, one of the founders of the Green Map System. The Green Map System started in New York about 14 years ago when Wendy and her coworkers started putting together a map of New York City for the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. Since then the number of cities that have green maps has expanded to 236.

From the Green Maps website:
The Green Map System (GMS) is a locally adaptable, globally shared framework for environmental mapmaking. It invites design teams of all ages and backgrounds to illuminate the connections between natural and human environments by mapping their local urban or rural community. Using GMS's shared visual language--a collaboratively designed set of Icons representing the different kinds of green sites and cultural resources--Mapmakers are independently producing unique, regionally flavored images that fulfill local needs, yet are globally connected.
Brawer and her colleagues have recently come out with the fifth edition of the New York version of the Green Map, available for download in pdf format. Also check out the Green Map Atlas that is not so much a collection of maps than a description of the processes and challenges faced by the various mapmakers around the world in putting their green map together.

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