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Cartographer Not the Best Job in America

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In my opinion, this is news as anyone who is one knows that being a cartographer is the best job around. However, CNNMoney has released the results of a survey of 166 jobs and found that, in terms of compensation, cartographers and photgrammatists rank 83rd, smack in the middle. The average income from such jobs (which also includes GIS professionals) is $55,634 (US). 75% of the positions in this field earn more than $45,000 (US); 25% earn more than $63,000 (US). It is expected that there will be annual increase of about 520 jobs in this field for the next 10 years - a 15% growth.

The survey was conducted by using the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine which jobs that require at least a Bachelor’s degree will have an above average increase in job prospects over the next 10 years. Salary.com statistics were used to determine compensation levels.

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