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Weird and Wacky Street Names

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It must be Friday . . . .

Cartographers may palce alot of text and annotation on their maps but some of these street names that have come to light as a result of a contest by TheCarConnection.com would probably rate near the top of the list for bizarre names. Psycho Path, apparently, was the winner but my personal favourite is Farfrompoopen Road which is the only way into Constipation Ridge in Story, Arkanasas. Can’t seem to find it on a map, however . . . .

Have you come across an odd or humourous place or street name? Let us know, along with map to prove it.

By way of Archinect.

1 Responses to “Weird and Wacky Street Names”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Story, Ark., in near Little Rock. And Farfrompoopen Road leads to Constipation Ridge, not Bridge.

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