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Statistics Canada Maps

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Statistics Canada, the section of the government of Canada that keeps track of nationally significant statistics from population numbers to the health and activity of the economy, has a number of thematic and reference maps available on its site.

Reference maps include maps of the various census divisions and subdivisions and disssemation areas - the mutli-block areas that Census Canada uses to conduct its census. Each of these maps comes complete with community and street names where appropriate. Maps are available in pdf format.

The thematic map collection contains colourful maps of several of the larger cities on such themes as populatyion change, household income and nighttime population. These maps are also available in pdf format.

Some Statistics Canada boundary files are available for download from Geogratis.

Also available on the site is an interactive map tool that allows users to query by city, town or street.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Except that 6he PDF files are set at 39 x 24 inches.
    Fine for viewing and panning around to see the census EA, FSA,CT, CAs
    but impossible to print in full for many people as they can't scale or
    otherwise fit the PDF onto one sheet of paper, onto many letter-sized papers
    to paste together later.

    New census on May 15, 2006.

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