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Mapping the Arctic Seabed

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The Globe and Mail reports today that Canada will join Denmark in a cooperative initiative to map an underwater mountain ridge on the Arctic Ocean floor that may extend beyond the North Pole. The geological survey may support Danish and Canadian claims to the seabed north of Greenland and the Canadian Arctic islands. At stake are potential deposits of minerals, oil and gas.
“In geologic terms, the Canadian and Danish team is trying to demonstrate that the Lomonosov Ridge is an extension of the North American continent. If this is so, the countries can claim control over the slope and the seabed well beyond the usual 200 nautical miles from shore. They call their project LORITA, for the Lomonosov Ridge Test of Appurtenance. Canada is putting more than $30-million into the work this year.”
By drilling through the Arctic ice, lowering explosives through the holes, detonating them and capturing the echoes that result, the team will gather information about the seafloor.

Read The Globe and Mail story on the initiative or visit the project website.

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