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Geographic Names

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A number of countries offer up their official geographic names on the web for use and/or download (e.g. Canada). Geonames has compiled a worldwide database that is searchable and downloadable. Typing in a placename will bring up a Google Map mashup with the location pinpointed - along with all other nearby geographic names. Points on the map can be toggled on or off according to feature type and clicking on a point will produce an editable balloon with information associated with that placename. Links are also provided to Wikipedia listings where appropriate. Geonames also provides a limited listing of postal code information and is an accessible by WMS.

A great find by La Cartoteca.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 


    That's well laid out site. Easy to search, and very useful.

    If anyone is interested in official placenames in British Columbia, Canada, the BC government makes their Gazeteer searchable online. This has been around for a while and has a cool example of early web mapping:


    You can also request a CSV file of the current database along with feature code lookups if you're interested in integrating this information into your own maps:



  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    All brazilian cities are in Google Earth KMZ format:



    Data from IBGE (Geographical and Estatistical Brazilian Institute).

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

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