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Nuclear Map of Iran

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In Cotiniere’s comments on the last post on Nuclear Maps a link to LastingNew’s Google Local map of Iranian nuclear facilities is provided. There are, of course, a number of maps of Iranian nuclear facilities. Another blog, by the Intelligence Summit, posted one this past week. The Center for Non-Proliferation Studies has something similar but also provides satellite images of some of the facilities (see the sidebar on the right). GlobalSecurity.org, who are particularly fond of dredging up satellite images of anything concerning military matters, also has a number of satellite images and snippets of topographic maps of the Bushehr nuclear facility on the Persian Gulf coast.

The problem with any of these maps is that there is no meta-data attached to them. In many cases with these and other maps there is no way of telling what data sources were used for creating the map and how reliable these data sources are.

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