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MapQuest Turns 10

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MapQuest, apparently, turns 10 on February 5th (coincidentally, the same as mine). Launched by GeoSystems Global Corporation but since acquired by America Online for $1.1 billion U.S., the Denver-based company is still the supposed leader in the online mapping business. Mapquest, according to Westword, “logged 41 million visitors to its site in December 2005, a tenfold increase in traffic from six years ago. According to comScore, a marketing company that measures web-browsing in much the same way Nielsen measures TV viewing, MapQuest commands more than two-thirds of all visits to mapping sites, easily outdistancing its nearest competitor.” With this kind of traffic, it’s no surprise that other Internet giants such as Amazon and Google have jumped into the onlnie mapping fray.

The article - obviously written by someone not immersed in the geospatial industry - has some curious turns of phrase: “Google and Yahoo have drawn attention by releasing map-programming code to hobbyists” or “geospace junkies.”

Read the entire article.

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