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Zurich Maps, Movies & FlyBys

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SeemyRoad has put together an impressive site showing a satellite image of Zurich and a number of other features. The satellite image is zoomable, pannable and labelled with significant features, making it similar to Google Maps. However, SeemyRoad has also included movies of various routes in the city that are shot from ground level as well as what it calls flybys of tramline routes, essentially moving satellite images. Next to the image is a transit map that moves in tandem with the flyby (at least when the flyby is playing). Unfortunately, it’s still hard to tell exact where you are in the flyby with this map. There is still room for improvements but the satellite image, the flybys and the movies all help the user become familiar with the layout of the city.

SeemyRoad has also completed similar sites for other local cities but the Zurich effort is the most impressive. I can see this sort of set up being picked up by others.

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