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Canada Election Map 2006

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Over on the GISuser weblog, Glenn complains about the lack of maps showing the results of Monday’s election results in Canada. I took up the challenge and produced a couple of maps, showing the winning parties and the percentage of the vote the winners garnered (image at left). For comparison sake, I've included a similar map for the 2004 election (image at right). Not the greatest maps but a quick indication of the changes in the political landscape in Canada. Higher resolution images are available on request (ccablog@yahoo.ca).

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Nice job on the swift response in creating a map of the results. It's surprising that with all the mashers and hackers out there that some creative apps weren't created to show the results. I can only assume that the problem lies in the difficulty obtaining a decent digital base to work with... once again, thanks!


  2. Anonymous Anonymous 


  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Great job.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    A very nice illustration of our political geography.

    Though, wouldn't orange have been a better colour for the NDP?

    When the poll-by-poll results come out, I wonder how challenging it would be to map those? How people voted at the sub-riding level might prove very interesting.

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