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Canada Election Maps

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Those of you living in Canada are already aware that another election - the second in less than 2 years - is well under way. Canada follws a parlimentary system of democracy. The country is broken into 301 constituencies representing about 100,000 people. Elections Canada has detailed maps of each constituency, searchable by postal code, province or place name. All maps are available in a pdf format in colour or in black and white.

The Atlas of Canada site has an interactive maps for the past two elections in 2000 and 2004. The 2004 map is the one to watch as some suspect that it won’t change too much this time around. Elections Canada has a 29 inch x 59.5 inch pdf map showing the voting pattern for the entire nation in the last election along with a listing of each constituency. The maps clearly indicate a fragmentation in voting that seems to follow regional lines; none of these maps indicate the percentage by which a political party won.

This is more clearly shown in the Wikipedia entry for “Canadian federal election, 2004 map gallery.” Each province or region has a number of different maps, one for each party, showing their voting strengths for each constituency. Maps are available in png format. Unfortunately, one does not exist for the entire country. Nveretheless, it is a useful resource to discover regional voting patterns.

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