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Breeding Bird Atlases

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Breeding bird atlases are a collection of maps used to indicate the presence of bird species, usually over a 5 year period. The maps are usually broken into small gridded areas, e. g. 10 kilometre squares, and birding volunteers populate the squares with data that reflect their observations on the presence of specific bird species. A large number of U. S. states and Canadian provinces have their own breeding bird atlas. Outside of North America they are less popular.Most of the atlases listed here have simple maps with points or grid squares indicating the presence of species. Only the Australian site lists some sort of interactive map, albeit limited. Other breeding bird atlases have websites but only the only listed actually have web-accessible maps. A number of atlases are in the process of being updated or created.

Australia: View interactive map. Click on “Range” or “Breeding”, then select a species and hit “Go.” This site also has an animated map showing migration patterns of various species.

Britain & Ireland: Older breeding bird atlas results are viewable on the web by species.

Contra Costa County, California, United StatesClick on a species name to see a species distribution map. Maps are fairly small and grid resolution is fairly coarse.

Florida,United States: Click on a species name to see a basic state map with sightings locations.

Illinois, United States: View maps by species.

Kentucky,United States: No state maps with a grid indicating a presence of specific species but North America-wide maps showing species status. Click on a species name and scroll down the resulting web page to see distribution and range maps.

Louisiana, United States: View by species. Maps are small and combined with photos of the various bird species.

Maryland, United States: A bird survey is currently being undertaken. No species maps are available but a couple of maps exist showing the number of species per block reported to date.

Missouri, United States: No species maps available but state-wide maps showing the number of species reported per block are available.

New York, United States
View maps by species for 1980 - 1985 or 2000 - 2005 or get a topographic map of an atlas block.

North Dakota
, United States: View maps by species – a little digging is required.

Northern Territory, Australia
: View interactive map. Click on a square on the map to get a list of species appearing within that square. Click on a species name to show the locations of sightings.

Ohio, United States
: View maps by species. Each species map is part of a species document in pdf format.

Ontario, Canada
: View maps by species or produce your own topographic map for use in birding surveys.

South Dakota, United States
: View simple line maps by species

: View maps by species. Maps are (mostly) in pdf format.

Texas, United States
: View maps by species.

Vermont,United States
: A bird survey is currently being undertaken. No species maps exist but topographic maps of each block in jpg or pdf format can be downloaded.

Wisconsin, United States
: View maps by region or species.

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