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Yahoo! Maps upgrades

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Yahoo! Maps has released a beta version of an upgrade. Both the older version and the upgraded version are available for use. The upgrade looks alot like Google Maps. The map styling is very similar (even the colours are exactly the same - see below) and the pan and zoom tools operate in the same manner as those found in Google Maps, though probably not as smoothly as one wold expect. It even has a single search box, just like Google Maps. The maps appear to use Macromedia Flash and, as a result, the images cannot be saved for use in other programs. The map has also lost some of the data layers that showed up in the older version, including minor water features, parks, and commercial and residential areas.

In short, it looks like Yahoo! Maps is trying to look like Google Maps - perhaps a bit too much.

The Old Yahoo! Maps:

The New Yahoo! Maps:

Google Maps:

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