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Online mapping sites popularity

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A recent story in any number of papers looks at a recent survey by comScore Media Metrix that lists Mapquest as a market leader in the online mapping sector with 71% of visitors in September, followed by Yahoo! Maps at 32% and Google Maps with 25%. Compare this to a Hitwise survey in July that listed Yahoo! Maps with 41% of the market and MapQuest with 33%. Neither survey is accessible enough to be able to determine how the survey was conducted or what measures were used. Nor do the associated news stories provide enough background. In the end, these news stories and surveys need to be taken with a grain of salt.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Agree completely with your observations. For example nobody in their right mind would use mapquest, yahoo or google for searches in Switzerland. instead 99% (example) would go to http://map.search.ch/.

    X in Zurich

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