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Mapping the riots in France

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The riots in France have been going on for quite awhile now but there has been a dearth of good maps on the subject. The best of the lot that I’ve seen comes from The Economist- finally a decent ly large map with some detail (scroll part way down the page). The maps in The Economist, by the way, are usually much smaller but follow a consistent style.

The BBC’s maps of the riots are okay but not quite as good. CNN has a static map is a little less detailed and appears to be not as complete (or up to date). There is also another “interactive” (just barely) map that shows a little more detail. CBC has an even vaguer and more out of date map as does the News-Telegraph. MSNBC has a map that allows the user to click through the days to display where riots occurred -whic is probably a more correct way of showing the situation than a single map showing all the locations at once. The last to be highlighted (though there are many more) is one from the Morocco Times. It is small but seems to indicate that a good third of France is up in flames.

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