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Holiday gift for the cartographically minded

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Those who love maps are always happy to receive maps or atlases for presents (well, at least I am). One that looks good is Peter Barber’s The Map Book, pulbished this month.

I can’t vouch for its contents or quality since I haven’t seen or read the book but the folks at WIRED seemed to like it. David Downs of WIRED writes “From cave drawings to Google Maps, we humans love cartography. Maps give us a sense of place and scale, an idea of what’s around the corner - or the globe. In this elegant and fascinating volume, Peter Barber, head of the British Library’s maps collection, has compiled 175 works spanning 3,500 years, organized chronologically to chart the progress of our worldview. A sixth-century Greek map shows how flat-earth theories were fed by Christian doctrine; a 2005 digital rendering of Detroit is a dense aggregation of zoning and demographic data. The book’s essays, written by 68 map experts, provide wonderful context (one tidbit: cartographers struggled with copyright theft as far back as 1785), making this atlas a true treasure.”

Available in the U.S. from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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