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Geocoding Canadian addresses

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There is not much available for free online geocoding of Canadian addresses. Two sites, however, might be enough to satisfy any small geocoding needs you might have.

One is from NAC Geographic Products and has been around on the Internet in various forms for a few years. The site has been modified lately to prevent bulk geocoding so users need to input a code that appears on an image to be able to get a result. There is a limit of 10 addresses but if you close the browser window and reopen it, you can continue. As well as providing latitude and longitude values, the site also provides what it calls a universal address whichlooks like a postal or zip code on steroids. Geocoding at this site is available for a number of countries.

Geocoder.ca is rleatively new and users Statistics Canada data to derive a set of latitude and longitude values. As well as providing a set of coordinates, the site also provides a Google Map with the location marked. This Google Map functions like any other Google Map and can be panned and zoomed. Updated coordinates for the centre of the map are provided below the map. The site also provides reverse geocoding (i.e. provide a set of coordinates and get a street address).

The two sites provided slightly different coordinates for the same address (-78.3190266, 44.302410 from NAC Geo and -78.318871, 44.302496 from Geocoder). Some testing will be required to determine which is more accurate.

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