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Boston HyperMap Atlas

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Like Very Spatial (a couple of interesting comments there already), I received a press release from StrataVarious (good name) regarding the Boston HyperMap Atlas. It’s an interesting combination of Google Maps and their own mapping, displaying points of interest, sites, buildings, hotels, etc. around Boston. The Google Maps portion is for the smaller scale mapping; zoooming in brings in another, different set of data. It’s an interesting concept but initially a little disconcerting to see a very different style of map at the larger scales. The Google Map portion is fairly static - no panning around on this one. Additionally, layers can be turned on and off for querying and highlighting. A good idea - not necessarily a new one - but one that needs a little more clarity to become intuitive. But then, perhaps I’ve become a little too jaded in my expectations . . . .

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