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Plant Hardiness Zone Maps

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There are a few plant hardiness zone maps available on the web, mostly for Western nations. The quality and detail varies but most follow the U. S. Department of Agriculture's guidelines for zone classification. Be sure to check the map you are refering to for details.

Australia: A fairly generalized map of the country is available. Keep in mind that Australia uses a different rating system then the USDA; a comparison chart is available.

Canada: Both 1967 and 2000 versions are available in interactive web mapping format. The 2000 map is also available as a pdf. Seeing as this is the Canadian cartographic Association’s weblog, I may be biased in saying that this is the best plant hardiness zone map available anywhere on the web but I doubt if I would be wrong.

Europe: Two plant hardiness maps of the continent are available at PlantIdeas (1 and 2). Another is available at GardenForum. None are particularly detailed.

New Zealand: A generalized map is available through Liddle Wonder. Unforntunately there is no map text that can be used for reference.

United States: The U.S. map covers all of Canada and Mexico as well and is zoomable to a region level. The detail is not great. Sunset Garden has a different plant hardiness map that takes into account the amount of rainfall, summer and winter temperatures and other environmental factors. As a results, their classification system is very different from the USDA’s (Sunset Garden link by way of Rich - thanks).

If anyone knows of other plant hardiness zone maps, let me know.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Has anyone seen a Google map implementation of plant hadiness zones? One could overlay all kinds of interesting features such as public gardens, nurseries ...

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