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Flooding in New Orleans (11)

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More updates, more maps. The University of Texas at Arlington has a page listing mapping and GIS resources including before and after images and hurricane and weather mapping.

By way of Mapz Librarian.

The Map Room also has an updated listing of Katrina maps, including a link to a Google Maps mashup where you can click on a location and get a report back on the amount of flooding at that point.

DigitalGlobe has updated their gallery of images with new ones from 3 September. Resoultion is 60 cm for many of them. SpaceImaging, similarly, has posted new images of New Orleans and other Gulf coast cities. SPOT has an updated infrared image from 2 September. Orbimage has alos added another page of black and white satellite images.

NOAA has more complete post-hurricane imagery, available through a map index.

MODIS has updated smaller scale imagery of the Gulf coast. MODIS, in fact, updates its imagery daily regardless of cloud cover. Earth Observatory has a couple of before and after images of damage in Mobile, Alabama, along with some descriptive text.

The Perry-CastaƄeda Library has an extensive set of links to maps and satellite imagery through out the Internet.

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