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Another Google Map mashup

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It is, of course, not the intent of this blog to keep everyone apace with the developments in the Google Maps corner of the universe. That iss already being covered well by Google Maps Mania. But I would like to point out a new mashup.

Ontario Parks (the organization that runs the park I was actually camping in this weekend) is now using Google Maps to display the location of nearby provincial parks. It’s not an usual or even particularly spectacular application (why not show all the parks on Google Maps at once instead of one at a time?) but it is significant in that a government department is using Google Maps for a public purpose instead of its own data rich mapping tools. There may be a number of reasons for this but one of them would be that it would be easier and faster to make use of an existing interactive web road map that create one from scratch even if many of the components are already available. For good or ill, using a Google Map as a basis to display data is quickly becoming standard.

By way of Google Maps Mania.

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