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Airport Maps & Database

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Keeping with the aviation theme, for those looking to plot airport locations from around the world, the best approach would be to visit Partow.net which has a free online database of about 9,300 airports. Fields include name, airport code, country, latitude, longitude and elevation. The database is available in a text format which can easily be imported to Excel where it can be prepared for export to a mapping program. This database requires a little less work than the one available at Universal Avionics. The data is available in pdf but this can be copied and pasted into a text document and imported to Excel. This database only includes region, latitude and longitude (which needs to be parsed) and the number of runways.

For American airports, the FCC has a more complete database available in text format. Again, some clean up of data would be required before it’s useable in a GIS or mapping program. There is also a database import program that works with MapInfo.

MapQuest UK has maps for some of the larger airports that can be viewed either as an airport plan or in the context of the local street network. The maps are a little too small, however, to be of much use. MapQuest USA has a similar listing for American airports but show the airports only in the context of their street maps.

Individual airport website often have maps of their airports. Airports.com has a searchable database of 378 of these airports that will provide you with a direct link to the airport’s website. To search for an airport you will need to know the three letter airport code. Airline websites will also often have maps of the airports they fly to but these may or may not be complete. Alternatively, World Airport Codes has a searchable online database of airports. Type in a country or city name or the airport code and a Google Map mashup appears along with runway information, elevation and latitude and longitude values. Airport maps in this case are only as detailed as the Google Map itself.

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