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There are a few cartography-related forums or discussion groups on the web (in no particular order):
  1. Cartotalk - this group has been in existence for about a year and bills itself as a forum for cartographic professionals. Much of the focus seems to be on the technical aspects of cartography.
  2. DirectionsMag - has a number of discussion groups going, none of them specifically dedicated to cartography but all cartograpghy-related. The focus here is on software-specific.
  3. geocommunity - runs a geomatics-focused discussion group that includes cartographic issues but again, the focus tends to be more software-specific.
  4. ESRI - hosts its own cartography discussion group but the postings are pretty thin.
And then, of course, there’s the CCA’s own email list. To subscribe go the the CCA webpage.

2 Responses to “Cartography-related Forums”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

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  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Sept 15, 2006 - www.cartographyonline.com is a new website/user community for cartographers and GIS users. With the focus on cartographic design, GIS, software/hardware, there's something for everyone there. And likely, something for everyone to contribute as well. Visit www.cartographyonline.com and register!

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