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When I first began this blog back in April of this year, I had little inkling as to what other blogs were already out there. In the first four months of writing this blog I’ve come across quite a few other blogs of interest (in alphabetical order):

All Points Blog - This blog focuses on location technology and GIS. Still has a number of items of interest ot cartographers. Updated daily.

blog.kart.no - A Scandinavian cartography blog in Norwegian. Frequently has items of interest.

All Things Geography - An infrequent blog on items loosely related to GIS and geography.

Brian Flood - Infrequent blog on matters relating to GIS. Many items relating to ESRI and Google Maps/Earth.

Digital Earth Weblog - A blog put out by Digital Earth (Australia) who felt it more worthwhile to put together a blog than a brochure page. Irregularly updated. GIS and spatial data related topics.

edparsons.com - Written by Ed Parsons, of course. Ed is the CTO of the UK’s Ordinance Survey. Infrequent postings but thought-provoking.

GeoCarta - A blog on mapping and land use issues. More of a geography focus than a strict mapping focus. Infrequently updated.

GIS Matters - Written infrequently by David McGuire of ESRI. Not surprisingly, it has very much of an ESRI focus.

Glenn’s GISuser Weblog - Written by Glenn (of course), editor of GISUser, this is pretty much focused on GIS. Infrequently updated.

Google Maps Mania - This blog looks at Google Maps and the mashups that people are putting together. Worthwhile checking out if only to keep abreast of what use people are putting Google Maps to. Updated regularly.

import cartography - This blog looks at “Cartography, Geography, Python and Zope” but the focus of late seems to be primarily on the programming side of things. Infrequently updated.

The Map Room - Probably the blog that’s most dedicated to all things map-related that I've seen. Jonathan Crowe has written this blog for the past few years and has done a good job of focusing on maps and mapping. Updated on an almost daily basis. Definitely worth checking out.

Mapping Hacks - An infrequent blog on the topic of maps and geodata, with an emphasis on the latter.

O’Reilly Radar - A regular blog on spatial technology.

Spatially Adjusted - A blog on spatially-related issues, ranging from technology to thought-provoking opinions.

Vector One - Another blog on spatially-related issues. Quite wide-ranging.

Very Spatial - Discussions on geography and spatial related issues. This one has a number of regular contributors.

webmapper - Don't be put off by the technical-looking tip at the top of the blog. Infrequently updated on web mapping-related issues.

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    another good blog is the GIS2.0 ARCdex blog at


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