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Google Maps - WMS Integration

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Google Maps is taking the first steps at becoming OGC compatbile. A couple of examples already exist on the web that demonstrate this capability and a java script is available for use to make this happen.

For an interesting perspective on the direction that Google Maps is headed as compared to ESRI, for example, read Hobu’s opinion piece.

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  1. Blogger Kyle Mulka 

    I just want to point out that I don't believe that Google anticipated their Google Maps API to be used for plotting WMS layers. The extensions simply change the URL of each tile requested. Granted its not hard to put WMS layers on Google Maps, I wouldn't consider this a "capability" or a "first step" for Google at least. However, these efforts are the first several steps, including my effort. I was able to put two WMS services, one overlayed over the other into the Google Maps framework:

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