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Carto 2005: Banquet

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The CCA held its annual banquet, traditionally an opportunity to honour those within our community who have served either the CCA and/or the greater cartographic community.
Before such honours were spoken of, this year's orienteering champion was announced. Tim Wykes placed first, having collected all but one of the possible flags during the competition. He's hoping that this victory makes up for the time in Victoria when he did one flag, then went to the pub, leaving organizers fretting over where he was when he didn't report back at the end of the competition.
Four awards of distinction were given at the banquet. Gary McManus, long-time Cartouche editor, was presented with an award for exceptional contribution to the CCA.

The Canadian Geographic magazine, represented by its staff cartographer, Steven Fick, received an award for exceptional contribution to the preactice of cartography.

Judy Olson was awarded with an award for exceptional scholarly contribution to cartography.

Another award, the award for exceptional contribution to the CCA, was awarded to Monika Rieger. This award was to have been presented in 2004 but since Monika could not attend that session, it was delayed for a year. Unfortunately, Monika was unable to attend this session as well.

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